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Becoming an Expert in Automated Trading. Start a journey with expert tutorials, in-depth courses, and interactive workshops designed to equip you with vital skills in automated trading. Whether you’re a beginner or aiming to refine your bot strategies, our academy provides the tools to boost your trading performance.

Learn how to automate your trading with our unique academy

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Welcome to LearnTradeEvolve

Your Journey from Novice to Pro to Bot Starts Here

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At LearnTradeEvolve, our mission is to empower individuals to shape their financial future through smart trading. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned trader seeking skill enhancement, our academy offers a comprehensive curriculum tailored to supercharge your progress.

Our distinctive approach blends theory with hands-on practice, led by experienced trading experts. From personalized coaching to group strategy sessions and live trading bootcamps, we provide a comprehensive learning journey that goes beyond the screen. At LearnTradeEvolve, it’s more than you just learning to trade; it’s you evolving into a skilled, self-reliant trader

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What you will learn

Academy Content

Trading Jumpstart

Your direct start into bot development

The Trading Jumpstart program is a beginners development challenge to start your journey.

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Select the Perfect Plan for Your Trading Journey

Whether you’re a solo trader or a corporate team, we have specialized programs tailored to your needs.

Academy Package

Basic Package
4,200.00 $ 3,799 00
One-Time Payment
Instant Lifetime Access to Academy
100+ Videos with 30+ Hours of Content
Weekly Q&A Sessions
3x 1:1 Mentor Sessions (1,5h each)
Resource Library
In-House Trading Bot Access
Signed Completion Certificate
Early Bird Price (First 100 Buyers)

Premium Academy Package

Premium Bundle
6,499.00 $ 5,799 00
One-Time Payment
All Basic Package Features
2 Months Mentoring (Group and Personalized Mentorings)
2 Code/Strategy Review Sessions (1,5h each)
Exclusive Telegram Group Access
10% Reduced Profit Split on In-House Bot
Premium Discord Badges
Early Bird Price (First 100 Buyers)

Corporate Academy Package

Custom Quote
One-Time Payment
Corporate Access for Employees
Dedicated Account Manager
Priority Support
Bulk Discounts
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Foundations of Trading

Unleash Your Potential Through Mastery

Have you ever felt that there’s untapped potential within you? Unlock Your Trading Potential with Our First Course. You don’t need to be a Wall Street pro to succeed. All it takes is a willingness to learn, a disciplined approach, and our expert guidance. From understanding market structures to mastering advanced volume analysis, we pave the way for your trading success. It’s not just about learning; it’s about mastering the art of trading.

Crypto Deep Dive

Dive Deep into the Revolutionary World of Crypto

The crypto market is not a trend; it’s a revolution. Our second course empowers you to master this revolution. Whether you’re a newbie or seasoned pro, we provide you with the tools to navigate the crypto trading universe. Understand its unique traits, craft your crypto trading strategies, and gain hands-on experience through live trading sessions. It’s not about timing the market; it’s about your time in the market, and the time is now.

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Automated Trading Mastery

Autopilot Your Way to Consistent Gains

Who said trading has to consume your life? In our third course, we’ll show you how to let technology do the heavy lifting. Learn how to design, test, and deploy your own trading bots. Manage risks, optimise performance, and continually adapt to market conditions. Free up your time without giving up control. Automated doesn’t mean detached; it means smart, efficient, and ready for whatever the market throws your way.

Compare Our Trading Academy Packages:
Basic vs Premium

Compare the features of our LearnTradeEvolve Academy Packages to see which one aligns best with your trading career goals. Make an informed decision that suits your needs and aspirations.
Features & Offerings
Basic Academy Package
Premium Bundle
Lifetime Access
Languages Available
English, German
English, German
Hours of Content
30+ Hours
30+ Hours
Weekly Q&A Sessions
Unlimited Premium Support
Digital Workbook
Resource Library
In-house Trading Bot
Free Usage
Free Usage + 10% Total Reduced Profit Split
Mentor Sessions
Career Opportunities
Talent Hub (Coming Soon)
Talent Hub (Coming Soon)
Early Bird Event Access
Direct WhatsApp Mentor Support
Exclusive Telegram Group
Strategy Review Sessions
Premium Badges for Discord
WhiteLabel Trading Bot Discount (Coming Soon)
20% Monthly (Premium and Enterprise)
Beta Testing Opportunities
Signed Certificate
Option to Upgrade
To Premium Anytime
Price (Standard)
Early Bird Price
$3,799.00 (First 100)
$5,799.00 (First 30)
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Have Questions?

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What is the difference between the Basic and Premium Academy Packages?

The Premium Package comes with everything in the Basic Package, and a bit more. You get 2 months of direct mentoring, sessions where we review your code and strategies, and you also get to join our exclusive Telegram group. To see all the details, just check out our comparison table.

What is the Early Bird Price and how do I qualify for it?

The Early Bird Price is a special discount for the first 100 buyers of the Basic Package and the first 30 buyers of the Premium Package. If you’re one of these lucky few and you make a purchase, the discount will be automatically added to your order.

Is the content available in languages other than English?

Yes, all our academy content is available in both German and English to make learning easier for you. We’re also planning to make our content more accessible by adding more languages soon. If you have a specific language preference, please let us know by filling out the contact form on our contact page or sending us an email.

What's Included in the Mentoring Sessions in Both Packages?

In both packages, you’ll get a total of three sessions with our mentors, each bringing personalised guidance and insights. With the Premium Package, you’ll also enjoy an extra 2 months of direct mentoring, allowing you to dive even deeper into your trading journey with the mentor of your choice.

What is the 'Talent Hub' mentioned in the Basic Package?

The Talent Hub is an upcoming feature that will offer career opportunities for our academy graduates. It will offer students a chance to collaborate with industry professionals or even join our team.

How do the Modular Exams work?

The Modular Exams are designed to pinpoint your knowledge gaps and enhance your trading skills. These exams are integrated into the course structure and serve to assess your comprehension of the covered material.

Can I upgrade from the Basic to the Premium package later?

Absolutely, you can upgrade to the Premium package whenever you wish. We’ll determine the price difference using the current rates, even if you initially got a discount like the early bird special. If our prices change in the future, we’ll still use the current rates to calculate any upgrades, not the original Basic package price.

What payment options are available for the Trading Academy?

We provide flexible payment choices tailored to you. You can make a single payment for instant access or select an instalment plan to spread the cost. Both options give you full access to all the trading academy features and benefits.