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Benefit from one-on-one mentorship, personalized trading strategies, and ongoing support to meet your individual trading goals. Whether you’re entering the market for the first time or looking to refine your skills, our mentors are committed to propelling your trading success.
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Unlock Your Trading Potential

Elevate Your Trading Game with Expert Mentoring

Don’t venture into the volatile world of crypto trading alone. Partner with seasoned experts who will guide you from novice to pro, optimizing your strategies and minimizing risks. Gain insights that textbooks can’t teach and experience tailored to your unique trading goals. Take the fast lane to trading success by booking a one-on-one session with our mentors today.
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Meet the mentors

Meet Our Expert Mentors

Guiding you through the world of trading with years of experience and a wide range of skills.


Head Coach, Strategy Development, Automated Trading
With a diverse skill set in bot development and strategy creation, Florian Wolf is our head coach who pushes the boundaries of traditional trading methods to offer cutting-edge solutions.
English, German


Associate Coach, Infrastructure, Programming
Specializing in coding and infrastructure, Sebastian is the associate coach you want for technical reliability. He ensures that all systems and structures are optimized for effective trading.
English, German


Associate Coach, Crypto Market, Crypto Trading
Ryan brings a wealth of knowledge in cryptocurrency trading to the table. He offers market insights that are rooted in years of experience, enabling clients to make informed trading decisions.
English, Dutch


Associate Coach, Trading Psychology, Mindset
Meet Felix, our Trading Psychology and Mindset mentor. With Felix's guidance, you'll develop the mental resilience required for crypto trading success, making informed decisions in this dynamic field.
English, German
Accelerate Your Trading Journey

Unlock Your Full Potential with Expert Mentoring

Take the fast track to trading mastery with our one-on-one coaching sessions, tailored strategy design, and continuous premium support.
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Mentoring Overview

Our Mentoring Programms

Full Mentoring Program

Transform Into a Professional Trader in 12 Weeks

Comprehensive coaching, strategy design, and live bootcamps tailored to your individual trading goals. Direct mentor contact and ongoing premium support included

MentorPlus Membership

Elevate Your Trading Career with MentorPlus

An advanced 1-month addition to your LearnTradeEvolve Academy access, offering weekly calls and strategy sessions. Perfect for those committed to rapid growth in trading.

Guided 1:1 Mentoring​

Academy Access Plus Personalized 1:1 Mentoring

Get lifetime Academy access and 14 weeks of guided and personalized 1:1 coaching at your own pace with our Head Coach Florian Wolf.

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Full Mentoring Program

12 Weeks to Trading Mastery

Elevate your trading skills from novice to professional in just 12 weeks with our highly-qualified mentors. Get customized coaching, strategy sessions, and exclusive access to our live bootcamps.
  • Tailored Coaching

    Receive two personalized coaching sessions per week, designed to optimize your trading strategies and track your progress.

  • Real-time Mentor Support

    Get direct access to your mentor via WhatsApp or Telegram for real-time advice and feedback.

  • Exclusive Strategy Design

    Participate in weekly strategy sessions to develop or refine your trading approach, backed by our expertise.

MentorPlus Membership

Elevate Your Trading with Expert Guidance

Supercharge your LearnTradeEvolve Academy experience with our MentorPlus Membership. Ideal for traders committed to reaching new heights. Benefit from a flexible subscription offering weekly calls and strategy sessions.

Flexible Subscription

Opt in for just a month or stay as long as you like. Our subscription model is designed to fit your journey in the trading world.

Weekly Coaching

Receive a focused, 1,5-hour call with a mentor every week to address your specific needs and challenges.

Collaborative Strategy Sessions

Join group sessions to strategize with fellow MentorPlus members and benefit from diverse perspectives.

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What you will learn

Guided 1:1 Mentoring

In this exclusive Mentoring Programm you will have an unique learning experience. Our Head Coach Florian Wolf will guide you through the academy and supports you to reach your specific goals.

Choose Your Path to Trading Mastery

Select from a range of tailored mentoring programs designed to elevate your trading skills and achieve your financial goals.

Mentoring Program

Zero to Pro in 12 Weeks
$ 4,800 00
One Time Payment
12-Week Personal Mentoring
Academy Access
Weekly Coaching in Buddy System (1,5-hour session)
Weekly Strategy Design Group Session
Direct Mentor Contact via WhatsApp/Telegram
Flexible Scheduling - Adapt the program to fit holidays or other commitments

Guided 1:1 Mentoring​

Comprehensive Learning & Mentorship
$ 14,000 00
One Time Payment
Lifetime Academy Access
Guided Coaching Over 14 Weeks
3x 1,5-Hour Weekly 1:1 Coaching with Head Coach Florian Wolf
Direct Mentor Contact via WhatsApp/Telegram
Flexible Scheduling - Adapt the program to fit holidays or other commitments

MentorPlus Membership

Elevate Your Trading
$ 625 00
Monthly or One Time Payment
4-Week Personal Mentoring
Weekly Coaching in Buddy System (1,5-hour session)
Weekly Strategy Design Group Session
Flexible Payment Options
Ideal for Academy Members
Most Flexible
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Have Questions?

Let's Talk About Your Trading Goals


What does the LearnTradeEvolve Mentoring Program offer?

Our mentoring program is designed to turn you into a competent, independent trader in just 12 weeks. It includes weekly coaching sessions with up to 3 buddies, direct access to your mentor via chat apps, strategy development sessions and much more.

Will the coaching sessions be recorded?

Yes, all of your coaching and live trading sessions will be recorded and archived for your review. This ensures you can revisit any concepts or strategies discussed during the sessions.

How is the LearnTradeEvolve Mentoring Program different from other mentoring services?

We offer a comprehensive, personalized approach. From the first conversation, your mentor will evaluate your trading goals and skill level to tailor the program for you. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in exclusive LearnTradeEvolve Bootcamps in Berlin.

How many mentors will I be working with?

You’ll be assigned a dedicated mentor based on your trading goals and needs. We have a team of highly qualified mentors, each with a specialized focus, be it strategy development, coding, or crypto trading.

What kind of support can I expect throughout the program?

You’ll receive continuous support through various channels including email, telephone, Discord, and Telegram. Moreover, you’ll have direct contact with your mentor through WhatsApp or Telegram for any real-time queries you may have.

How do I get started with the LearnTradeEvolve Mentoring Program?

You have two options to initiate the process. First, you can arrange a call with us and we will discuss your individual trading goals and needs. Or you can book the mentoring directly and we will have the conversation afterwards. After this initial conversation, we will plan your individual mentoring journey together.