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Explore a dynamic ecosystem powered by advanced algorithms, real-time data analytics, and a robust execution engine. Whether you’re new to the trading world or a seasoned market player, our trading bot offers tailored solutions to optimize your profit potential.
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Smart Crypto Management

Revolutionizing Crypto Trading with Cutting-Edge Technology

Navigate the unpredictable waters of the crypto market with ease and confidence. Our team at LearnTradeEvolve comprises seasoned traders and engineers who’ve designed a sophisticated trading bot for optimized performance. Harness the power of smart crypto management; our bot leverages advanced analytics and an adaptive index strategy to maximize your profits while mitigating risks. Driven by innovation, we aspire to provide you the ultimate tool for a lucrative and secure trading experience.
Advance Your Trading Skills

Elevate Your Bot Development Expertise with Our Academy

Are you intrigued by the world of automated trading? Want to build your own trading bot but don’t know where to start? Our Academy is your launchpad to mastering the ins and outs of professional bot development. Enroll today and take your trading to the next level.
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Choose the Perfect Plan for Your Trading Needs

Whether you’re an Academy member or new to LearnTradeEvolve, we have pricing options that suit your trading goals.

LearnTradeEvolve Bot

$ 49 99
Profit Split: 30%
Fully Automated Trading
Real-Time Risk Management
Multi-Asset Strategy
Stable Coin Monitoring
Multi-Timeframe Trend Analysis
Tax Reportings

Free for Academy Members

Profit Split: 30% |
20% for Premium Academy Students
Fully Automated Trading
Real-Time Risk Management
Multi-Asset Strategy
Stable Coin Monitoring
Multi-Timeframe Trend Analysis
Tax Reportings
Save 100%
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A Robust Trading Bot Tailored for Your Success

Navigate the volatile cryptocurrency market with confidence. LearnTradeEvolve provides an automated management solution that focuses on risk mitigation, market analysis, and optimized trading.
  • Index Trading Strategy

    Our cutting-edge bot uses an Index Trading Strategy that dynamically trades the 15 most trusted crypto assets. This approach not only diversifies risk but also offers the potential for higher returns.

  • Intelligent Risk Management

    With our proprietary trend filters, the bot only engages in trades during bullish market phases and automatically closes orders during bearish trends, ensuring your portfolio stays resilient.

  • Potential Analysis

    Real-time potential analysis evaluates current market risks and identifies trading opportunities. Data from multiple timeframes and indicators are integrated into our decision-making process.


Experience Technology-Driven Crypto Management

Elevate your crypto trading journey with advanced features meticulously designed by experienced traders and engineers. Achieve consistent profitability even in uncertain market conditions.

Real-Time Order Management

Our bot's Order Management system ensures that you don't miss out on profitable trades. It automatically executes and closes orders based on real-time market signals.

Multi-Timeframe Trend Filtering

We employ Multi-Timeframe Trend Filtering techniques to isolate the most profitable trading windows. This ensures your trading strategy aligns with market conditions, minimizing risk.

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What is the Index Trading Strategy?

The Index Trading Strategy involves automatically trading the top 15 crypto assets based on their market trustworthiness and trends. This diversified approach aims to reduce market risk while maximizing potential returns.

Is this trading bot suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! The LearnTradeEvolve bot is designed to be user-friendly and is suitable for both beginners and experienced traders. The bot takes on the complexity of trading, allowing you to focus on your investment strategy.

How does the Risk Management feature work?

Our risk management protocols employ a proprietary trend filter that allows trades only during bullish market phases and automatically closes all orders in bearish or negative trends. This helps to minimize losses and ensure a safer trading experience.

How does Potential Analysis work?

Our Potential Analysis feature uses a self-developed indicator to assess market risks and opportunities. It combines data from multiple timeframes and indicators to provide a comprehensive understanding of the market, aiding in more informed decision-making.

What is meant by a 'Profit Split'?

A ‘Profit Split’ refers to the sharing of profits generated from trading activities between you and LearnTradeEvolve. With a 30% profit split, for instance, 30% of the net profits made using the trading bot would go to LearnTradeEvolve, while the remaining 70% is yours to keep. This model aligns our interests with yours; we only profit when you do, incentivizing us to ensure the trading bot performs optimally.

Are there any additional costs or fees?

The full bot is available for $49.99 per month with a profit split of 30%. However, if you are an Academy Member, you can access the bot for free, though the profit split will remain the same.